Monday, July 30, 2012

Ready, set, go!

Wow it is hard to believe that we haven't posted in such a long time. Our apologies. We have been super busy with preparations for the opening of the gym which happened today! Yep, ready, set, go..Josh started giving classes in the gym today! More news to come in our next newsletter which will be out shortly. Please pray that this endeavor will go smoothly and that God would be glorified through it! Over the past month 2 months much has happened. Jennifer traveled to the States because her brother flew her there to see him. He lives in Cambodia and was in Kentucky for a wedding. We are thankful for all our family that cares so deeply about us and are able to support us. Josh stayed in Mexico to hold the fort down and continue with our ministries. In June Jennifer's ballet class held a little recital for their parents. She had a blast working with them and the girls had a great time preparing for their presentation. It occurred to Jennifer to share a video of her students performing on facebook and mention that most of the girls didn't have ballet shoes due to lack of resources. One of Jennifer's friends decided to raise $200 in order to buy ballet shoes for the girls for the fall semester and several other friends donated used and new ballet shoes. God works in amazing ways, even on facebook. If you participated in this little fundraiser, thank you! Since it has been a while we are going to share lots of pictures and some prayer requests... Please pray for: -Good health -Safety -God's provision during these months -That the gym details would go smoothly -For wisdom and discernment in ministry
Pictured: Ballet performance, Bible study, surprise party for Josh after our small group meeting, a walk in the country, and some of the young boys at the orphanage.

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