Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Praises and Prayer Requests

Hello everyone! It is time for a prayer update.

Here are some things we are praising God for:

-We have our visas and are legal immigrants in Mexico

-Jennifer's ballet classes are going well

-Jennifer's grandma was very ill, but is doing much better

-Josh's opportunity to referee American football

-The visitors we had at our church meeting on Friday who are from a nearby city

-Grace and strength during adversity

As you pray please pray for:

-Safety for us, especially as we travel north next weekend

-Josh's theological education class next weekend in Northern Mexico

-The spiritual growth of people in our church group

-Unity in our church group

-Wisdom and discernment for us in all we do

-More ministry opportunities

Pictured: Celebrating Pedro's birthday on Friday with our guests from out of town

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