Thursday, April 21, 2011

Perfect Timing

In December we visited an Organic Church in Gainesville, FL where we were told about a Mexican whom also visited the church and who had a passion for planting organic house churches in Mexico. We became friends with Rodrigo on facebook and have been only in slight contact with him until the other day. We finally had the chance to skype with him and he gave us the incredible news that he is moving to a city only about two and a half hours away from León. We decided that we could work together and join efforts in working with a church-plant in this nearby city and with ours in León. As a group we have been in desperate need of more Mexican leadership and are thankful for this divine appointment with Rodrigo and that his new job led him to live near us. Please pray for us as we continue to pursue this possibility of working together. We were extremely excited this day, but the excitement didn't end there.

Later in the afternoon we met with a Mexican pastor who lives and ministers in Lexington, KY. His passion is to work with those who have been hurt or broken, especially by the Church. He is a very generous man and wants to help our ministry in any way he can. His small congregation is involved in many ministries in Latin America including an orphanage in León. In León of all places. We will make room to pack up some things and take them down to the orphanage from this small Lexington congregation with a big heart. We were moved by this pastor's sincerity, love, and concern for others. He wants to be a part of what we are doing in Mexico? That is amazing and encouraged us immensely. We are thrilled to get to participate in their ministry as well and get to know the family that runs the orphanage and the children that live there.

God has arranged several specific connections for us, he has provided for us, and he has a plan for our ministry. We are only starting to see the beginning of it all!

Pictured: Travels and time with college friends and prayer supporters!

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