Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sharing, Sharing, Sharing

In these days we have had the privelege of sharing our story with various groups of people. We've made it to Berea a few times and Sunday we shared at our home church which was a gift in itself. For us it is important to be able to share with those who pray for us and give to our ministry because we desire for our support team to be informed. Many people from the Wilmore Free Methodist church support us and therefore having the opportunity to tell them about our first two years on the field and our future ministry was very special. After the service we had a cookie reception with homeade cookies by Josh's mom and by Jennifer. It was a wonderful time of sharing and catching up with our church family.

Last night we went back to Berea and shared with a Bible study from Berea United Methodist. We appreciate the Ramsay's dearly. They are the kind couple who have invited us to their house several times and invited us to share with their Bible study last night. We talked about missions, what we did on the field, and church planting. They had been studying the churches of Revelation so our talk on church planting tied into their study.

Sadly we don't have any pictures from our recent adventures because either our battery has been dead or we have been so busy that we have forgotten to take them. We apologize and will try to do better next time.

Ways you can pray:

-For our speaking engagement this Sunday at High Bridge Union Church
-Our trip to Nicaragua March 16-27th
-Our preparations for the trip to Nicaragua, Josh is preaching several times and teaching a seminar on church planting
-That we would get the monthly financial support we need before May 25th
-That we can see as many of our supporters as possible in these weeks.

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