Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Heading to the States and Missing Mexico

Hello Friends and Family,

We can hardly believe we leave our apartment at 4:30am to head to the States. Jennifer's going to Wilmore and Josh to Hollow Rock Camp Meeting in Ohio. We will meet each other this Saturday the 25th in Kentucky to go on an anniversary date to celebrate 6 years of marriage. Hard to believe we've gone through so much and that we've been working together for the past two years! We are grateful for our marriage and the time we have together as a couple!

We'll be in Wilmore through Wednesday July 29th and then we head up to Canton, Ohio on Thursday for Andy, Josh's brother's wedding. We will fly out of Pittsburgh on August 2 to head back home to Leon. While we are thrilled to be in the States, see friends and family, and celebrate Andy's wedding, we realized this week that we will actually be missed here. That while Wilmore/Lexington will always be where we have family, friends, and memories, Leon is our new home. Please pray for us as we are out of Spanish for 12 days, as we leave behind our small group and many friends some of whom we hesitate leaving right now, and for us as we go through reverse culture shock. Being back in Kentucky and Ohio will be very different for us after all we've experience this year. We are not the same couple who left Kentucky a year ago on August 5th.

If you want to contact us while we're in the States please get ahold of Jennifer's parents or shoot us an e-mail: jandjmexico@gmail.com

Remember that Josh will be at Hollow Rock Camp Meeting Thursday the 23rd and Friday the 24th. And We will be sharing at the Wilmore FMC on Sunday morning the 26th. Jennifer will stop by Bluegrass Youth Ballet on Thursday the 23rd in the evening.

Our apologies if it is not possible to see you this time around. We plan on making a visit to everyone next summer or fall. Do not worry. We want to see you. This trip was something that came up unexpectedly, and due to the new ministries we've started here, we are unable to take more time to travel. Thanks for understanding!

English classes...
Were a success! They went smoothly and this weekend all the kids have been asking when we are going to offer them again. =)

Home Group...
We covered most of chapter 4 of Mark last night in our small group time. One of the couples was missing due to the wife being sick, but we were glad to have another friend and her boyfriend with us as well. A volunteer that was with us last weekend, Julie, came back to visit us yesterday and today just so she could attend our small group again. =) It was wonderful having her with us another time.

Ballet Classes...

Jennifer is in the proccess of getting things together for her ballet classes she will start in September. We have a friend who is making posters and flyers for her and she will have inscriptions in August as soon as we return from the wedding. If you have a heart for ballet and are interested in what Jennifer is going to be doing through teaching ballet classes please consider making a special donation to WGM with a note for "Josh and Jennifer Reynolds' ministry" attached to the check. One need we have is to buy ballet barres for the studio space we will be renting. Any donations of ballet attire would also be appreciate (dropped off at Jennifer's parents' house in Wilmore or given to us).

Thanks for your love, prayers, support, and encouragement! We've seen God moving over the past few weeks in ways we never have before!

Much love,
Josh and Jennifer


deyanira said...

Me encanta esta foto! (y todas en las que salgo), jajaja, que linda que la subiste al blog.

Se acaban de ir y ya los extraño!
Que tengan un buen viaje.
Aquí los esperamos...


Anonymous said...

So good to see you Josh and hear your heart at Hollow Rock Camp. Stay strong and Courageous. Will be praying for you both.