Saturday, October 11, 2008

Change of Plans

Hello praying friends!

Thanks so much for praying for us and sending us encouraging e-mails. We love getting e-mail and kind words from you all. They make our day!

This week was not an easy one, but we are hopeful. We were working with a local university for our language program, but unfortunately it wasn't working out and we will have to find another arrangement. It doesn't look like there is good place for us to take language classes here in Leon. So most likely we will have to travel daily to the nearby city of Guanajuato where there are several language schools. This week we are hoping to pick one. Would you please join us in prayer as we look for a school and try and figure out which one is the best option. Having to change our language program is not ideal, but we think it will be better in the long run.

Also, we are getting to know more people and building relationships in and outside the church. It has taken longer than we expected to make friends, but slowly we are feeling more at home. Thanks for praying for us in this area as well. Please continue to pray for us as we build relationships and get involved in our church.

*The pictures were taken from a high point over looking the city of Leon. This is the huge city we live in.

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