Sunday, September 7, 2008


Over the past few weeks we have been quickly learning the meaning of patience. The way time is viewed here is far different than in the states. We knew that before we got here, but you cannot really know something unless you experience it yourself. This week we had hoped to start language classes in the University. Instead, we found out the day we were supossed to start that we would be starting this next week. Please pray for us as we hopefully begin classes tomorrow. Thankfully we've been working with a language helper every day using the progam we learned in Colorado (PILAT). Our language helper, Rosi, has been a blessing to us. She's gone out her way to help us with Spanish and also help us get acclimated to the city.
Saturday we had the wonderful opportunity to participate in one of the church's ministries. You probably heard us discuss the outreach our church has in one of the poorest neighborhood's in the city. In the neighborhood "La Canyon de la India" every Saturday several women from the church teach the children a Bible lesson as well as a school lesson, and they feed them a meal. This ministry has grown immensely as many children from the neighborhood flock to the house that the church owns there. We were humbled by these sweet children who run the streets without much direction from their parents. They were not only hungry for food, but hungry for our attention. We are excited that the work with the children is growing and that the church is dedicated to reaching out to neighborhood.

We appreciate each one of you and your participation in what we do here!

Ways you can pray:

-That our language courses go well at the Univeristy (both taking and teaching classes)

-That we will be able to pick up Spanish quickly and dedicate much time to studying

-That we will make more new friends both in and outside of the the church (we've had some lonely moments)

-That we can adjust smoothly to our new culture and our church culture (our church is very different than what we are used to at home)

Josh and Jennifer

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humbleminded said...

oh how we miss you guys! our thoughts and prayers (and excitement) are with you! i want to see pics of your new apartment! hope you are adjusting well and learning lots!