Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sausage, Eggs, & Jesus

Today, Josh officially concluded the Nicholasville UMC missions conference when he spoke at the men's breakfast that was cancelled last week due to the winter weather. The time was well spent and Josh really enjoyed sharing one more time at this great community of believers.
In our preparations for going to Mexico we have discovered that although there are many useful, well conceived ideas and plans for showing others the love of God, the most critical and often overlooked means of reaching others with the good news of Christ is by loving each other. If we have all the talent and gifts we could muster but fail to love one another, then our ministry will fail. If people are to believe in Jesus and live for him, they must see that the family of God is different, and this is done by loving others as Jesus loved us. When we fail to love others we are not only treating people poorly, but we are also showing others that the ministry of Christ has achieved little if not nothing in our lives. Josh's challenge here and in Mexico and the challenge he gave to the men at the breakfast was to make love the center and source of evangelism. We don't want to be clanging gongs or clashing symbols.

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